OneLife Cam Installation Process

you have any questions about the process, you can guide yourself with the following video.


Thank you for purchasing our product. This machine is a unique
ultra-portable design, which can be used in various fields. Please
follow the steps in the instructions to set up the camera correctly.

Note: When the camera is placed, it needs to maintain a certain
heat dissipation space with other objects. Please do not block the
heat dissipation hole when using it. Pay attention to the heat
dissipation problem and avoid blocking the heat dissipation holes.


1. APP Download
2. V380 account registration
3. P2P Connect(password Setting)
4. Remote Control Setting
5. App UI Introduction
6. Cloud Service
7. Video Record Setting
8. Alarms Setting
9. FAQ
10. Specification

1. APP Download
The mobile phone scans the QR code to download the “V380 Pro”
app; the Android phone can download “V380 Pro” in the
application market such as App Store. The iOS system phone can
download “V380 Pro” in the App Store.


2. V380 Account Registration

In order to get good experience of our product , we recommend
that you register for an account. The account is mainly used for
cloud storage services, device sharing, etc. You can choose to use
your mobile phone number or email address to register or you can
also use your WeChat account. Twitter, Facebook login, if you
want to try it and then register and use it, you can choose "try now”.

3. Point to Point Connection(Password Setting)
The device is used at the first time, please initialize the camera.
1. Move the toggle button of the switch to the position of "ON",
then the red and blue lights will be on. Wait for 40 seconds, and
the light will be on. The camera is on.
2. Please press and hold the RESET button for 3 seconds, the
light changes to red and blue. After about 20 seconds, the light
changes into red light only. That means the camera has been reset
3. Open the mobile phone WiFi list and connect to "MV***" WiFi,
such as: MV35804985, please wait for 1 minute after connecting to

  1. When the mobile phone is connected to the camera WiFi, open the mobile APP(V380 Pro) pull-down interface to refresh the data and automatically add the device


  1. Click the monitoring interface and set the username and password as following (The default password is empty and need to be set before using.)

  1. Remote Control Setting
  1. Click the Settings button

  1. Go to the settings  and select " Network"

  1. After entering the interface, click “Change to WiFi station mode” at the bottom of the interface.

  1. Choose your router WiFi, and enter the password.

5. After the setting is completed, the device light switches from red to blue, then the device is in remote mode. The process of connecting to the remote station needs to wait for two minutes. Please wait patiently (If the device keeps in red light for 5 minutes or more, it may be the WiFi password is wrong or the router WiFi is invalid. please reconnect the WiFi hotspot at the beginning of the MV and re-operate the device to connect remotely.   

  1. Interface Introduction
  2. Device Listing

Arming/Disarming:After the one-key arming is on, the device automatically sends an alarm message to the mobile phone.

Cloud Storage Mall: Cloud storage package purchase and selection (cloud storage can only be used after the device has been set up for remote monitoring).

Device share: After the device has set up remote mode, it can share camera ID to the friend and family and monitor the camera together.

Delete: Delete the device, no more monitor any more

Setting:The device is setting such as network, video record, alarm and so on.

2.Live stream viewing

3. Replay--SD card or Cloud Storage

You can choose the SD card or Cloud storage and choose the data to playback

  1. Cloud Service
  2. After buying the cloud storage service, all alarms and videos will be saved on the cloud server and can be downloaded or viewed online. When sending the alarm information, you can select not only photos to view but also one-key playback of the cloud alarm video. If you do not buy the cloud storage service, you need to go to the SD card to retrieve the alarm video.


2.AI human detection function, after buying the bound AI cloud storage service package, the alarm mode is AI human detection. The AI human recognizes the human figure in the picture by the deep neural network system, and the alarm is triggered before someone passes the camera, which greatly reduces the false alarm rate, and any wind blows, Animal walking will not trigger the alarm system.


Cloud service buy and binding/unbinding

(According to your personal needs, buy the cloud storage package service you need, and redeem the coupon code at the bottom of the page.)


  1. Click the Cloud storage icon

  2. Click “Buy a new package”

  1. Choose the cloud storage service you want(Support Alipay or Paypal)

  1. The cloud storage service should be bound to the device.

  1. The binding is successful. The device has enabled cloud storage recording.

6.To unbind, click to close the cloud storage service.


  1. Video Record 

Continuous Recording:Recording 24 hours a day; each video will be 10 minutes., The default loop video(The memory card is inserted to enable this feature.)

Event Recording:After the arming is turned on, the motion detection alarm automatically captures a video of 20 seconds to 2 minutes on the SD card or cloud server. (You need to buy a cloud storage package, the video can be saved on the cloud server)

Record audio:After this function is enabled, SD card recording can achieve audio synchronization.

Video quality:You can choose “HD”or“SD”

  1. Alarm

Alarm on:Turn on/ off the alarm

Alarm schedule:Choose the time when you want to get alarm message

Alarm Area:Set the Alarm area

Alarm Sound:Alarm sound on/ off

Arming Motion: When the selected area screen changes, the camera sends  alarm message to the mobile phone and can see the event photo in the APP alarm messages.

  1. FAQ
  2. Remote monitoring is always connecting. Please choose the appropriate video quality according to the network environment at the time.
  3. The memory card does not save the video. The SD cards need to be formatted before using.
  4. If the device is not connected to the network, please choose the connection method according to your network.
  5. A cloud storage can be bound to only one camera device.
  6. If the password is forgotten, please press the device reset button for 5 seconds to restore the factory settings.
  7. AI human detection alarm is a package of cloud storage. After buying the cloud storage package, the human detection alarm will be prioritized.
  8. The red and blue lights are on at the same time. Press the device reset button for 5 seconds to restore the factory settings.
  9. The SD memory card recording is a 10-minute video of loop recording

For more questions, please check the FAQs in the app.




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